Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary During an Orthodontic Treatment: Here’s Why

Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary During an Orthodontic Treatment: Here’s Why

Dec 01, 2020

Your oral health forms a fundamental part of your overall health. Therefore, you need to carefully look after your oral health to guarantee that your health and well-being is not compromised.

Several dental issues can negatively affect your oral health. Among the leading dental matters that we deal with in our general dentistry in Manchester is orthodontic dental problems. Orthodontic problems such as misaligned, overcrowded, impacted teeth, and malocclusions can act as a gateway for the development of dental health complications. These issues can also affect your smile and overall appearance, making it difficult for you to feel confident about your smile.

The great news is that you do not have to live with any orthodontic problems. Our Manchester dentist offers our patients exceptional orthodontic treatments, ranging from traditional braces to invisible aligners, all aimed at making your orthodontic issue a thing of the past.

Our dentist in Manchester, VT, has worked with several patients and transformed their smiles through the various orthodontic treatments available. However, during these treatments, some of our patients have had to undergo a tooth extraction in Manchester, VT.

At least 25 percent of all patients requiring orthodontic treatment will have to undergo dental extractions in Manchester as part of their treatment plan. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the reasons why you might need to go through dental extractions in Manchester.

Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary During an Orthodontic Treatment?

The most common reason why patients need to undergo a tooth extraction in Manchester, VT, is to curb a tooth infection. However, dental extractions in Manchester are also sometimes a necessary part of an orthodontic treatment plan.

Here are some of the crucial reasons that call for a tooth extraction during orthodontic treatment:

  • To Correct Protruding Teeth

Having protruding front teeth not only affects your appearance but also negatively impacts your speech. Protruding front teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your looks.

In some cases, teeth can also protrude from one side, forcing your lips to look like they can never close together. This orthodontic issue can be corrected using braces. However, you may need to have some teeth removed to create more space to realign your teeth. Overcrowded back teeth may be extracted to give more space for the affected front teeth to be gradually realigned into a perfect and evenly straight alignment.

  • To Correct Overcrowded Teeth

Overcrowded teeth are another issue that develops when your jawbone does not have sufficient space to accommodate all of your permanent teeth comfortably. When the teeth become overcrowded, they tend to erupt and grow at unusual angles and positions.

When dealing with this orthodontic problem, our dentist in Manchester, VT, may recommend strategically extracting some teeth to ensure that your braces fit correctly and can realign the remaining teeth into their proper positions.

  • To Deal with Impacted Teeth

This dental issue occurs when a tooth trying to emerge and grow is blocked from doing so by another tooth. The affected tooth emerges partially from the gums and remains lodged in this position. These teeth are referred to as impacted teeth.

Impacted teeth can be identified using an X-ray, which will give our dentist a detailed view of what is happening below the gums. Impacted teeth need to be dealt with because not doing so leaves the patient susceptible to incurring a tooth infection.

In most cases, one of the competing teeth will have to be extracted to give room for the other tooth to be realigned correctly.

  • To Fix Jaw Bone and Skeletal Problems

Some malocclusion issues, such as overbites, can be corrected by undergoing an extraction. Malocclusions occur due to the positioning of the jaw bone. In some cases, patients may opt to undergo a tooth extraction over an entire surgical procedure to remedy the malocclusion problem and bring about symmetry.

Ideally, our dentists will always look for an alternative to save your natural teeth and will only recommend an extraction when it is vital. Contact us today at Manchester Dental Group for an orthodontic consultation and customized treatment plan.

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