Tooth Extractions in Manchester, VT

While dentistry is founded on the principles of tooth preservation, there are instances when tooth removal becomes inevitable. At Manchester Dental Group, our goal is to help you keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. We do this by providing outstanding preventive and restorative dental services. If you have cavities in your tooth, for instance, we’ll explore all restoration options until we’re sure that we cannot do more. At this point, we may determine that extraction in Manchester, VT may be in your best interest.

At our dental office, we go to great lengths to ensure our patients feel comfortable during their dental procedures. Whether you’re coming in for an extraction or root canal therapy, our dentist in Manchester, VT prioritizes your safety and comfort above everything else.

When Do You Need an Extraction?

You may need extraction in Manchester, VT if any of the following statements is relevant to your circumstances:

  • You have overcrowded teeth, and you need to start your orthodontic treatment.
  • Your tooth is so severely decayed or damaged that root canal therapy, and other interventions cannot save it.
  • You’re experiencing wisdom tooth inflammation.
  • Your primary tooth is in the way of an erupting permanent tooth.

At Manchester Dental Group, we offer non-surgical extractions.

Non-Surgical Extraction

Non-surgical extraction or simple extraction refers to the removal of an erupted tooth, i.e., teeth that are above the gum line. For this extraction, our dentist near you uses dental instruments to grab and loosen the tooth from the tooth socket. The final step involves gently but firmly pulling the tooth out of the socket.

Are you anxious about your next extraction? We offer sedation to help you stay calm during the procedure. Let us know if you’ve struggled with dental anxiety in the past, and we’ll take steps to guarantee your well-being and comfort.

Reach out to Manchester Dental Group today if you’re looking for a dental office that offers extractions near you.

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