Sports Guards in Manchester, VT

If you’re a parent of children who play sports, then you know the importance of safety equipment. Helmets, shoulder pads, and clear visors can protect kids from getting hurt if they play contact sports or those that involve flying objects like baseballs. However, you should also consider the importance of a sports guards for protecting their teeth.

Mouthguards that Fit Properly

Although you can buy mouthguards at most sporting goods stores, they don’t fit your child’s mouth properly. Since sports account for 36 percent of all unintended injuries to children, it is important to protect their teeth. Statistics show that 20 percent of those injuries are dental injuries.

Along with not allowing damage to teeth, mouthguards help to prevent concussions as well. However, to prevent them, sports guards need to fit properly. Manchester Dental Group in Manchester, VT, can help parents get their kids ready for sports season by fitting them with custom mouthguards.

How We Make Custom Mouthguards

To get the proper fit for your child’s mouthguard, we will take an impression of his or her teeth. Then, the material to manufacture the guard goes over the impression model to customize it to your child’s mouth. Once the material hardens, the lab tech removes it from the model and trims away the excess material so that it fits in their mouths comfortably.

A custom guard provides protection for your children’s teeth, mouth, and head. The stock guards that you buy in sporting goods stores cannot offer as much protection. Also, stock guards make it difficult to speak and breathe for some young players. A customized mouthguard allows kids to easily speak, breathe, and it can protect their head from injuries like concussions because it helps to absorb the shock of hits.

Caring for a Sports Guard

To extend the life of a sports guard, you should clean it after every use. Also, before placing it into your mouth, you should brush your teeth and floss, then rinse your mouth with cool water or mouthwash. Don’t put the mouthguard in warm water as that can warp it, causing it not to fit well.

After using it, use a toothbrush to gently wash and then rinse the mouthguard. Our dentists at Manchester Dental Group in Manchester, VT, can give you more tips about taking care of your sports guard. Give us a call today.

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