Oral Cancer Screenings in Manchester, VT

A dentist not only helps their patients with their teeth and gums, but they also do vital services like oral cancer screenings. Although the most common cause of this type of cancer is the use of smokeless tobacco, there are other factors as well. Learn how your dentists can detect the early signs of mouth cancer with an oral cancer screening.

How are Oral Cancer Screenings Conducted?

One of our dentists at Manchester Dental Group will conduct an oral cancer screening during one of your routine visits. Cancer experts recommend that the screenings take place every year, so if you maintain a regular dental routine, then they can conduct yours during one of your biannual visits in Manchester, VT.

The screening is quick, and the dentist can do it while he or she is examining your teeth. They check the mouth and cheek tissues for red or white spots, and with gloved hands, they feel the cheeks, tongue, and around the lips for lumps. These screenings can detect oral cancer in its early stages, which means more successful outcomes.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Along with the red or white spots and lumps, oral cancer has several other symptoms. Self-exams are also great for checking for cancer, and our dentists at Manchester Dental Group can describe the other signs of cancer. Some of the other symptoms include:

  • Having difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • A sore or lump in the mouth, throat, or on lips
  • Having difficulty moving the jaw or tongue
  • Swelling around your jaw
  • A sore throat that doesn’t go away

Don’t get upset if you have any of these symptoms because they could be from other issues, such as strep throat, canker sores, or fever blisters. However, if the symptoms linger for two weeks or more, make an appointment to have your dentist in Manchester, VT examine the symptoms.

Although our dentists at Manchester Dental Group can help detect cancers, they don’t treat them. If they find anything suspicious in your mouth, they will encourage you to make an appointment with your physician to have a more thorough examination.

If caught early, all forms of oral cancer are curable. So, if you suspect something is wrong on or in your mouth or throat, make an appointment with your physician to check it.

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