Full Arch Restoration in Manchester, VT

With full arch restoration in Manchester, VT, we can effectively replace an entire arch of teeth. At Manchester Dental Group in Manchester, VT, we’re always working on staying up to date with the latest restorative procedures.

Losing multiple teeth due to old age, decay, or other factors doesn’t mean your life should be restricted. Not having a full set of teeth could affect your ability to smile, eat, and speak. At Manchester Dental Group, you have a dentist in Manchester, VT, that can provide you with full arch restoration near you.

What Is Full Arch Restoration?

Patients with missing teeth need alternatives so they can lead normal lives. Dental implants are prominent restorative options and preferred by many patients. Getting a dental implant, however, will require multiple procedures. We can speed things up with full arch restoration to replace an entire missing arch of teeth.

We’ll start by sedating you so you don’t feel any discomfort while we work. Many patients choose IV anesthesia during their full arch restorations. We’ll then put multiple implants into the jawbone. The screws of the implants act as the foundation of the full arch restoration.

Abutments can be placed immediately on the implants along with temporary teeth. When you wake up, you’ll have a full set of teeth and can walk out of the office with a bright smile. This will continue for a few months while the implants integrate into your jawbone. After full integration, we’ll replace the temporary teeth with permanent ones and it’ll all be over. Your full arch restoration will look exactly like natural teeth.

Benefits of Full Arch Restoration

Patients who get full arch restoration don’t have to wait for results. They walk out of our dental office in Manchester, VT, with a full and beautiful smile. A full arch restoration won’t slip or fall. You don’t need to worry about removing it or putting it back on. Give us a call today if you would like to schedule a consultation!

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