All-Porcelain Dental Crowns in Manchester, VT

Dental crowns have many uses, and all-porcelain dental crowns in Manchester, VT, are popular among our patients. At Manchester Dental Group, we can use dental crowns to treat large cavities, protect teeth, and make them look better when they’re stained or damaged. If you’ve been told you need dental crowns by a dentist in Manchester, VT, you might be looking around for all-porcelain crowns near you.

We fit patients with crowns almost daily at Manchester Dental Group in Manchester, VT. This is because they have many uses.


The purpose of the first visit is to begin assessing your teeth. We’ll examine your tooth to determine whether or not it would benefit from a crown. A dental x-ray is often used to assess the depth of the damage and the surroundings of the tooth. The tooth has to be checked for root canal problems. If root canal treatment is required, it has to be completed before we place the crown. After all these points are fulfilled, we’ll start measuring the dimensions of the affected tooth.

This can be done using a mold or a digital scanner. The crown you get is made specifically for you. This helps it protect the tooth better without bothering you. After we’re done acquiring the measurements, we’ll send them to the lab where they will be manufactured.

Final Visit

We’ll set up a second and final appointment when we receive the crown so we can place it. We’ll use local anesthesia to numb your mouth while we work. After the crown is placed, we’ll check your bite to make sure it hasn’t been affected by the crown. If it’s affected, we can make some adjustments in the office before you leave.

There are no precautions that you need to take in advance. You’ll come in, and we’ll get to work. Crowns are durable and can last for over ten years. You might feel the crown the first few days, but you’ll get used to it quickly. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!

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