Can You Get Full Flexible Dentures?

Can You Get Full Flexible Dentures?

Dec 01, 2021

If you’ve suffered from permanent tooth loss and wear customary dentures, you realize that there’s another choice available for you: flexible dentures. They are one of the best choices that help many people regain confidence in their smiles. Moreover, you can wear them frequently as compared to regular dentures.

There are many reasons to use flexible dentures. Your dentist or overdenture professional can offer excellent advice on the types of dentures that would best suit you and can examine the possibility of flexible dentures. In this blog post, we’ll explain what full flexible dentures are all about and if they’re a perfect choice for you or your dear one or not.

What Are Flexible Dentures?

Flexible dentures are a kind of partial denture, which are typically developed of nylon, or other slim thermoplastics. It differs basically from the thicker and harder acrylic that is frequently utilized in dentures. Flexible dentures differ from partial dentures in the kind of material utilized for their creation.

They solve the issue of the hard denture surface focusing on the soft tissue in your mouth and how acrylic dentures work. Also, complete dentures are utilized when there are no teeth in one of the two jaws. How well the denture fits rely upon how much bone remaining parts after the teeth are lost. Full dentures are also called complete dentures.

Moreover, they are dentures that replace all your natural teeth. You can get them fitted for your top or base gum line. Full dentures are set up in their place with the help of an oral adhesive or suction. Like partial dentures, they are also removable.

Do They Make Flexible Full Dentures?

Want to know what is full flexible dentures consist of? In contrast to standard partial dentures, they are a type of partial dentures made of unique materials. Most full flexible dentures are made using a thin thermoplastic like nylon, compared with the more robust and thicker acrylic used in full mouth dentures.

How Long Does it Take to Make Full Flexible Dentures?

As an average, full flexible denture manufacturing process requires takes approximately six weeks to three months. But it may also take a longer time. Furthermore, it will rely upon whether you require any teeth to be separated, the healing time, and regardless of whether it is a full denture or partial denture.

Can Valplast be Used for Full Dentures?

Can Valplast be utilized for full dentures? As a rule, Valplast is reserved uniquely for partial dentures. Full dentures do require stiffness to remain set in the mouth and the flexibility of Valplast may not be appropriate for anyone.

The Benefits of Flexible Dentures

Key benefits that come with wearing full flexible dentures include:

  1. They Look More Natural

The material utilized in flexible dentures is clear. It prompts the natural shade of the gum to appear on the other side. It can make them look more natural than other options available on the market.

  1. They Are a Durable Solution

Traditional dentures are more inclined to breakage and cause other problems because they are produced using stiffer materials. On the other hand, flexible dentures are highly durable and stay for a longer time.

  1. There is No Metal

Another advantage is there is no metal involved. It implies that individuals with metal sensitivities can utilize flexible dentures safely.

  1. Faster Make and Fitting

Flexible dentures are easy to create, which means you will not need to wait for them to be prepared. Hence, they will fit in your mouth much sooner than any standard dentures.

  1. Less Likely to Break

As compared to other more rigid and brittle dentures, flexible dentures with delicate bases are less likely to break if they are dropped. It implies that whenever you have obtained and purchased the flexible denture you want; you will be less likely to have a new one for a while.

Get Flexible Dentures Today by Contacting Us

Flexible dentures are an amazing option to conventional dentures. In case you are not happy with your metal or acrylic dentures, visit the dentist near you to determine the risk of getting flexible dentures or get in touch with dental experts at Manchester Dental Group today.

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